Why oh why did you think that getting ‘Pussy Eater’ tattooed above your top lip was a good idea?

I mean, we all have things that we like to eat… but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should tattoo it above our lips. 

For instance, sometimes I can think of nothing better than sinking my teeth into a juicy steak, but I wouldn’t get a tattoo that says ‘Steak Eater’.

I also love the sweetness of Fairy Floss, yet I wouldn’t want ‘Floss Eater’ on my lip… because people would probably think that I like to devour used dental floss. 

I guess though with Pussy Eater, there’s only 2 things that it could mean:

1. You very much like pleasuring the ladies in your life… and I presume there are many Mr. Pusstache, you old devil you. 

2. You eat cats (like George Bush)


There are a few questions I’m pondering about Mr. Pusstache’s life choices. Perhaps you’ll be kind enough to help me answer them in our friend’s absence?

Did he just really want a moustache, but thought the hair might take away from his extra-curricular activities and therefore decided a tattoo with an honest statement would be better? 

How did he choose the font? If it was me I would have gone with a soft script, something with real flow. Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?!

Do the tears mean he has killed people, or does his hobby sometimes make him cry?

And when he does cry, are they tears of joy, or frustration? 

One more thing… Is the ‘Fuck’ on the top of his head a verbal cue? 

Oh Mr. Pusstache - What’s behind those big ol’ brown eyes of yours we’ll never know. But here’s to you, and your pastimes! I’m sure there’s at least a few ladies out there who hope to find a man with priorities such as yours. 


P.s This is the real Mr. Pusstache. 

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