There’s a war going on. It’s between the naked sleepers of the world, and the pajama sleepers. Don’t laugh, but each group seems to have a serious issue with the other. 

The naked sleepers are people who like to be free. I am one of these people. I’m restricted enough in daily life, let alone being tangled up when I sleep. 

The pajama sleepers, well I believe they like to feel cosy and comfortable. 

And I don’t meant to alarm you, but there seems to be a whole lot of subtext going on with both options. Apparently sleeping naked can mean you’re up for ‘it’, whereas sleeping in pj’s means that you are not. 

So, does wearing pajamas mean that you’re off limits? And does the temperature/weather come into this? What happens if you’re up for it and it’s just a really cold night?! I’m confused. 

And as for the naked sleepers, if you sleep naked it doesn’t mean that you want it all the time. We’re not floozies pajama sleepers! It’s about FREEDOM! 

But you know, when you are up for it, we are easier. You don’t have to go through the whole getting out of pi’s shenanigans… but then there isn’t any mystery either. It’s like:

"Hello, I’m naked."

"Nice to meet you naked. I’m pajamas."

"So, what’s the score pajamas? Are you actually sleeping or are you trying to be all mysterious?"

"Well, I might be up for it. But aren’t you always up for it? You’re always naked in bed?!"

"What, so now I’m a floozy because I like to be free. Are we doing this or not?" 

Do we need a traffic light system in bed to bridge the gap between the naked and pajama sleepers? 

Surely we’re above that. Surely we can just figure it out by judging if our bed buddy is busting some moves. 

I think it’s about body confidence too. I know a few people who wouldn’t dream of being naked in front of their partner. That perplexes me to the point that my brow gets all furrowed and I get that ‘Whaaa??’ expression on my face. Shouldn’t we be happy in front of our partners no matter what we’re wearing? Doesn’t that just go with the territory of being in a relationship? And why are we trying to hide behind our pyjamas? 

That’s it. I’m starting a naked sleeping revolution, and it’s all about being confident when sleeping or ‘not sleeping’. It’s cool, don’t freak out, I’m not becoming a nudist… I just think that the pajama sleepers of the world need to be freed! 

Everyone should be able to sleep naked! And if you don’t feel like getting jiggy, then you just say ‘Tonight, I don’t want to be jiggy!’ and go forth and sleep naked. And if you do want to get jiggy and sleep naked, then you freaking go for it! 

But if you’re a cold sleeper, and you want to sleep in Pj’s that’s cool. I’m not going to stop you. But if it’s a mental thing, then put up your hand and join the naked sleeping revolution!! Just start, one night at a time. Embrace the freedom!

Note: Obviously there are exceptions to the naked sleeping rule. For instance if you live with other people who could just walk in, then it’s cool not to sleep naked. Trips to the bathroom during the night: if you live with other people you should probably put pi’s on. You know, naked sleeping is not all roses… like being a superhero it comes with responsibilities.

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